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Websites Aren't Just About the Design

Each website we design is painstakingly researched. We identify your needs, your competition and the target audience. We design around our research and create sites that will not only look stunning but will generate results in line with your expectations. We understand that websites must appeal to users first and our results speak volumes.

Our Website Development Inlcudes Four Key Phases


Research your business, identify competitors and create target audience profiles.


Create engaging designs around audience profiles with competition and conversion in mind.


Implement responsive designs with focus on user engagement, performance and SEO.


Fine-tune and benchmark, then form the groundwork for Search Engine Optimization.

We work hard at designing beautiful, successful, engaging websites

Our Websites Focus on Business Success

Effective Web Presence

Owning a beautiful website that no one sees really is kind of pointless. At Saphera we understand that a website is only as successful as its conversion. That means generating traffic through targeted keyword research, understanding the audience and catering to the target market (keeping people on your site). It means increasing conversions (making sales, getting calls, growing profits, reaching goals).

When trusting a company with your website design, look for more than just the artistic. Successful websites need analysts, SEO experts and high-end developers. It's what we call a complete Web-Design Package and it involves a wide range of skills and thought-out approach.


Improving business via efficient web presence.

We Design Technically Superior Websites

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Responsive Designs

Have you checked your Analytics reports? What percentage of your visitors are using their smartphones and tablets? We're betting it's high.

We develop responsive web designs that change to accommodate any screen size. This means that your website will look just as great for your desktop visitors as it will for the people on their smartphones... Or any device for that matter.

Platforms That Are Right For You, Not Your Developer

No lets not "just build a Wordpress site". At Saphera we select platforms based on user requirements and have the skill-set to support a wide range of design options. We don't just use one tool and conform every project to it, we develop for YOU because in the end it's all about a site's success.

We Build Very Fast Websites

Unparalleled Performance

A site’s performance influences its success. Users expect pages to load instantly and will typically visit the page that opens first. If your site doesn’t perform as well as it should you could be losing valuable traffic.

Performance doesn’t stop at user satisfaction. Your search engine ranking is influenced by your site’s response rate (the time it takes for your site to be located on the web) and its load speed. Slow sites will list lower on SERP (search engine result page) listings for any given search. Which means that your site will be seen later or not at all. This is why it's important that your site not only be lightweight and efficient but also hosted on servers that respond quickly and are located near your target market.

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An All-Inclusive Design Process

Saphera's 12-Part Web Design Process

Over the years we’ve fine-tuned a 12-part web design process that spans a broad spectrum of topics ranging from a comprehensive analysis of your business, market and competition to methods of improving traffic through long-tailed keywords and focused content.

We determine the best platforms for your needs with short and long-term goals in mind and analyze potential future marketing paths to ensure that your site is in a position to grow in terms of business success and technology change.

Our sites form a stable groundwork for future SEO and marketing campaigns and help your business hit the ground running from the onset. Whether you’re a start-up or a well established brand, we’ll find ways to pleasantly surprise you with web designs that are eye-catching, intuitive for users and generate competitive results.

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Brand Development and Integration

Your website is one of the most expressive sources of your brand and is fundamental in identifying your company or product. For new brands we focus on pinpointing your business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We look at your market and try to identify a way in which your site and your business can fit an existing market.

With existing brands we ensure that your website is in line with your vision, your mission and most importantly – that it accurately portrays your business essence or the emotions that your brand elicits. Whether that’s “quality”, “trust”, “value”, “comfort”, “elegance” or any other essence.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Web development that's SEO ready from the start

A successful website involves two parts. The initial site development and the ongoing SEO campaign that promotes traffic. Most developers create a site first, then optimize later. At Saphera we believe in the opposite approach.

As part of our Complete Web Design Process we start by researching your keywords and competition then build your site around our findings. We ensure that the site we create matches both your brand and the target market making sure that all of the proper SEO building blocks are present from the start.

We look at background content such as Rich Snippets, XML sitemaps and Structured Data and ensure that each page is initially optimized for your keywords and SERP (Search Engine Results Page) listings. Once finished your site will hit the ground running in whatever SEO campaign you pursue.

Custom Website Development

Sometimes You Need More Than Just Web Design

We understand that sometimes our clients need more than simple websites, they need full online solutions that are unique to their business. Whether that’s a custom management system, a portal for centralizing business operations or a web platform that integrates with partner solutions, our software development teams have the skills and creativity to take on any project.

Ready for a Professional Website?

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