Portfolio - Active/Ongoing Projects

Below are some of the exciting software development projects that we’re currently working on along with a brief description of the technologies involved. Our projects change constantly but our commitment to quality remains a consistent throughout everything that we do.

CARS OnDemand Portal Logo

CARS Training - LMS Portal and RESTful APIRESTful ASP.NET Core 2.0 API | REACT Portal | C# | MS SQL | Kestrel | NGINX

CARS is a leading aftermarket automotive training provider offering a broad range of services to companies across Canada and the United States. CARS has chosen Saphera Software for their new cloud-based RESTful API, Administration Portal and advanced Learning Management System (LMS).

CrawlerBox Logo

CrawlerBox Website Monitoring SystemC++ | MySQL | REACT Portal | NGINX

CrawlerBox is Saphera's advanced monitoring system for verifying server, website and blog uptime. Comprised of a series of software "drones" distributed around the world, CrawlerBox is capable of monitoring not only system up-time, but also collect performance benchmarks and generate detailed reports on system stability over time.

Surface Space Logo

Surface Space - AI Greenhouse Data AnalysisTensorFlow AI | C++ | Python | MS SQL | ASP.net Core 2.0

Surface Space is one of Saphera's most complex projects and is aimed at reducing greenhouse emissions on a global scale. Using advanced AI technologies and Big Data, we’re developing algorithms that integrate with map systems to produce greenhouse emission calculations for homes, neighbourhoods and cities. This data is then made available to 3rd parties using a cloud-based API.

Portfolio - Past Projects

We’re incredibly proud of our past projects. Each has challenged and taught us in some way. Some of the projects below are finished completely while others we continue to support in either ongoing SEO or incremental development. Whichever the case, each project will hold a special spot in our history.

Stoeger Canada Logo

Stoeger Ecommerce WebsiteWordPress | WooCommerce | PHP | MySQL

Stoeger is Canada’s exclusive importer of Beretta commercial, law enforcement and military products. We were asked to develop a special type of website that would primarily support Beretta’s warranty services but with an ecommerce component that would sell overstock merchandise no longer available in retail stores.

Genumark Logo

Genumark Reward Program IntegrationPHP | ASP.net | MySQL

The Canadian Tire Corporation required the integration of Genumark incentives with various training providers allowing Canadian Tire staff to earn in-store rewards based on training taken. As part of this project Saphera successfully integrated Genumark’s incentives API with CARS custom aftermarket library of training and Canadian Tire user accounts. We were proud to complete this project in a fraction of the required time by using a unique development approach.

Maracle Printing Logo

Maracle Factory Printing SoftwarePHP | Zend Framework | MySQL

Maracle Press is one of the largest printing companies that creates Student Agendas for elementary schools across North America for both public and catholic schoolboards. Saphera was asked to take over the development of the custom Student Planner software that manages Maracle’s printing process. Timing was key and were able to quickly and effectively modify the software and extensively test it in time for Maracle's next printing cycle.

CARS OnDemand Logo

CARS Training .NET API-based WebsiteASP.net Core 2.0 | MS SQL | MVC | RESTful API

CARS is a leading aftermarket automotive training provider offering a broad range of services to companies across Canada and the United States. CARS hired Saphera to develop a new corporate website as part of the first-phase of their complete system revamp. Keeping in line with CARS cutting edge technology, we developed a custom ASP.net Core 2.0 solution running on Kestrel and NGINX with a restful API component for future content integration.

Jelly Bean Daycare Logo

Jellybean DaycareWordPress | PHP | MySQL | NGINX

The Jelly Bean Daycare website was an incredibly fun project where we let our creative sides go wild. We focused on a child-friendly approach with bright colours and happy pictures but kept the back-end as SEO optimized as possible. Within a month of launching the site, Jelly Bean ranked #1 for organic Google listings for daycares in the Woodbridge area and filled the school’s capacity.

New Image Fitness Studio Logo

New Image Fitness StudioWordPress | PHP | MySQL | Apache

New Image Fitness Studio is a personal training and boot camp provider serving the Durham region. Saphera was asked to create a new WordPress site that would promote and grow the small business. Since launching in 2017, New Image has been at the top of both Personal Training and Boot Camp local Google SERP results.

Infinite Healing Wellness Clinic Logo

Infinite Healing ChiropracticWordPress | PHP | MySQL | Apache

Infinite Healing is a Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic located in Oshawa Ontario. Saphera was asked to create a website and generate an SEO campaign that would help Infinite Healing succeed in a very competitive and highly congested local market. By working closely with Infinite Healing’s staff and using on-page SEO and social media engagement, the new site flew to the top Oshawa Chiropractor position.