Saphera [saf-er-uh]

"Software projects are like adventures. They’re full of interesting people, exciting new challenges and specific objectives. Our goal is to end each one knowing that we’d do it again, the same way, without hesitation."

Saphera Founder Signature

Chris Newald - Founder/CEO

About Saphera

Over the years software development has become a nightmare for many businesses – we know, we’ve all been there. Low quality outsourcing, complex bugs, high prices and inexperienced programmers have made software development a less than comfortable process.

Saphera was started to change all that. Our goal is to make software development painless, friendly and successful. We understand that often our clients don’t understand the details involved with various technologies or processes involved so we go to great lengths to explain things in detail.

Each project we undertake starts with research and understanding. We need to fully recognise a client’s requirements to create products that work. We go over various approaches, explain each technology in detail and make sure that our clients fully understand what’s involved. We offer suggestions and focus on providing the best possible solution to each the problem.

Finally, we focus on results. Whether you’re launching an ecommerce website that needs to compete in a niche market or creating custom software internal to your organization, we take pride in delivering products that work well, optimize productivity and outperform against your competitors.

Software Code of Ethics

At Saphera we believe in ethical software development and practices. Our goal is to clearly outline our policies and abide by them in everything that we do. Our list is a work in progress - constantly changing and improving.

  • We will always put the end user first. The products we create will be fair and ethically sound.
  • We will support our clients and treat them with the highest level of respect. We will always offer guidance, advice and support.
  • As an organization we will take on projects that are fair and are consistent with public interest.
  • As a team we will work together, share ideas, knowledge and support each other. We will address issues as a group and find solutions that are in the best interest of the public and the end user.
  • As individual developers we will strive to be the best we can be, share knowledge, act fairly and support each other. We will focus on improvement and an ethical approach in everything that we do.
  • We will make a difference.