Software Development

Professional, Easy-to-Maintain Custom Software

Saphera develops custom software solutions in a variety of languages for a range of platforms.

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Custom Application Development

We develop custom applications ranging from simple tools that help improve business performance to large company-wide software platforms.

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Web Service Development

We develop custom web API's that allow clients to maintain and access their business logic from a single, shareable, cloud-based location.

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Machine Learning and Analysis

We use cutting edge Machine Learning and AI algorithms to help businesses integrate predictive logic into everyday practices and operations.

Custom Software Development

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Business-Specific Software

Off-the-shelf software may not always meet your needs. Sometimes you need software that's specifically catered to your company’s individual operations. Whether that’s a forward-facing application that your clients will use directly, a RESTful API that manages your business logic in the cloud, or internal software designed to support your business’s day-to-day operations, we have the skills and the knowledge to help.

We listen, analyze, design and implement solutions that match our your needs perfectly. We pick tools, languages and platforms that are a best match for your project instead of trying to force a project to a preferred technology or platform. We gauge timeframes, budget constraints, technology limitations and many other factors before deciding on a software solution that’s perfect for your business.

Clean, Reliable Code Ownership

Clean, Reliable Code Ownership

Just like the final product itself, the underlying code that powers the software that we create belongs to you. This means that the code we design is just as much your asset as the finished application and we go to great lengths to ensure the highest quality of code possible.

When designing software we focus on best practices that ensure fast, reliable source. We follow standards for high code reusability and document our work extensively so that whether we’re maintaining your software or someone else, your product will be easy to understand and maintain.

We also understand the risks that come with third party use and avoid relying on outside sources whenever possible. This ensures that your final product doesn’t depend on technology that may not be around a year or two down the road.

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Easy to Use, Intuitive Functionality

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Easy to Use, Intuitive Functionality

All things aside, your software is about the role it has to perform. We understand this and focus not only our initial designs, but also our iterative reviews on factors such as functionality, ease of use and the overall value of the software.

Our goal is to create software that is intuitive and easy to learn, software that performs its roles effectively in ways that won’t leave people frustrated or confused because we understand that time lost on inefficient applications is time that could have been spent on running your business.

As such we rely extensively on Use Cases and early designs. We communicate heavily with our clients and revisit requirements from all angles until we’re certain that the product we create will be every bit as effective as it needs it to be.

What Makes Our Software Great

We believe in and focus on some key factors that are essential to software success


Everything you need, nothing you didn't want. Our software is all about the goals.

Intuitive & Ease of Use

We want users to love our applications so we work hard to make them perfect.

Software Performance

We have a bit of a competitive side and our software tends to go zoom!

Reusable Code

Yes, we're neat freaks. We keep our desks clean and our code commented.

Easily Maintained

Keeping things simple is fun. Our products are easy to upgrade and maintain.

Highly Reliable

We test our software inside out so that you're never left high and dry.

Has Value

Just like us, your software needs to do everything you need perfectly.


Help files, documentation and technical support are always available.

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