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Software Consulting

Consulting means more than providing expert advice, it means helping someone achieve a dream or a goal by taking the best steps possible, using the best tools for the job and creating a software solution that not only works and meets all obligations but also succeeds when launched and remains competitive over time.

Consulting with Saphera involves a dedicated, trusted advisor who does more than simply provide advice. Our advisors listen; they learn and immerse themselves in your project until they fully understand your goals. They will provide options that optimize your business and won’t be afraid to offer suggestions that you may have never anticipated. Their goal is to generate success through innovative software solutions, through research or whatever means necessary.

Software Consulting

We are more than consultants, we're advisors who listen, analyze and provide help that we're proud stand behind.

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X Analysis

Every business suffers from inefficient and time consuming processes. We call these "X" and we have a unique way of identifying and solving your X.

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Saphera Software Consulting Services

We Offer Software Consulting Services In The Following Areas

  • General Consulting
  • Custom Software Development
  • Database Architecture
  • Business Optimization
  • Systems Monitoring
  • Custom Hosting Solutions
  • Infrastructure
  • Web Applications
  • Systems Integration

Key Industries

Just a few of the industries that we have experience with


Automotive aftermarket, shop management and optimization, automotive diagnostics


Class scheduling, online enrollment, Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Real Estate

Map based housing searches, agent websites, property database integration

IT and Networking

Low level network communications, optimized threading, back-end systems


Government funded projects, design consulting, methodologies presentations


Watershed calculations, United Nations environmental protection designs


Inventory management, online sales and storefront, product promotions

Science and Technology

Algorithms, technical calculators, results management software

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